When irrigation systems are not managed properly, you run the risk of wasting a substantial amount of water. Statistics show that poorly managed irrigation systems waste up to 1.5 billion gallons of water every day (E.P.A. Jan. 12, 2010).

How can you help conserve nature’s most precious resource while maintaining cost efficiency? The answer is simple, by choosing Messenger’s Lawn & Landscape as your irrigation provider. We are dedicated to keeping your landscape healthy while conserving water and finding cost efficient means to do so. As a member of the Irrigation Association, we take part in ongoing education to learn about irrigation best practices, new technology, and the ever-changing irrigation industry. Ultimately, our goal is to save our customers money and help create a sustainable water solution for any home or business.

Our methods, technology, and ability to properly utilize irrigation products, can prevent problems such as overwatering or unnecessary water usage. In addition to saving you on water costs, you can prevent costly damages to your lawn that are commonly caused by overwatering, or not watering enough.

Water management is very important in many ways and can be hard to handle by yourself. Our services and installation methods are designed to eliminate these problems and ensure the best possible results for your financial position and landscape.

Design & Installation

We will help you design an irrigation system for any home or business that matches your financial needs while maintaining the maximum level of care for your landscape. Messenger’s uses state of the art quality equipment for your irrigation systems. The products we use are highly durable, cater to your specific design, and comes with a smart controller that has remote access. A trenchless pipe installation method is used in order to conserve the state of your existing lawn and prevent settling from occurring. We also install backflow preventers which prevent contaminants from entering public water systems.

Services & Plans

Rest assured that the installation of your irrigation system does not mean the end of our services. Messenger’s service technicians have over 50 years of combined experience in the field of landscape irrigation. If you ever experience any problems or difficulties, our tech’s will diagnose your irrigation system and contact you with a cost effective plan to make repairs. Messenger’s has a wide range of inventory on hand and can service any brand. So whether your irrigation system was installed by us or someone else, we are always ready to help.