Messenger’s Lawn & Landscape is a full-service lawn care company. We provide lawn care and service that yields the best results possible. The team here at Messenger’s prides itself on quality workmanship, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. By utilizing our full service plans you can rest assured that your lawn is in good hands.

New technology and information is always being introduced in the lawn and landscape industry. Here at Messenger’s we are constantly striving to learn about new technology and information that can improve our lawn care services. We understand that new improvements enable us to provide faster and more efficient services that ultimately save our customers money. If you are looking for a versatile lawn care company that has your best interests at the forefront of every decision, then contact us and we’ll do the work.

Below is a list of our lawn care services and a brief description of each.

Weekly Mowing

Our standard service includes weekly mowing, trimming, and clean up. Mowing schedules can be changed at your convenience. Messenger’s currently services a large number of businesses, homes, and neighborhood communities in the K.C. Metro area, let us work out a schedule that works best for you. We will double stripe your turf in different directions every week to make patterns that are visually appealing and promote healthy turf.

Our mow technicians are highly experienced and have strong backgrounds within this industry. Here at Messenger’s our mow tech’s responsibilities are not just to mow turf. The crews are responsible for reporting any type of problems with irrigation systems, turf, landscape, and any other conditions on your property that you may not notice until it is too late. We will report this information to you immediately and help you figure out a solution. In addition to this, we have a Mow tech. Supervisor that is always on hand and checking the performance of our crews. We implement these quality control procedures because your satisfaction is important to us.

Core Aeration

Have you ever seen a large number of thumb size pellets lying around in someone’s lawn? The odds are good that those are there because of core aeration. Aerating your lawn once a year around the beginning of Fall & Spring is very important in order to; eliminate soil compaction, improve water infiltration & rooting, reduce thatch, and help your lawn cope with hot and dry spells.

An aerator leaves little holes in the ground and finger size pellets on top after it passes over an area. These holes help eliminate soil compaction which can hinder the growth of your turf. In addition to this they provide areas for water, air, and other nutrients to directly access the root systems of a lawn. Meanwhile the pellets left on the surface help reduce thatch and redistribute soil throughout the lawn.


Thatch is the buildup of stems and grass clippings that accumulates at the bottom of a lawn. When thatch builds up it eventually blocks the flow of nutrients that are important to maintain a healthy lawn. However it is important to understand that thatch is a bi-product of keeping a healthy lawn. It is recommended that you dethatch your lawn about once a year or when the level of thatch reaches ½”. Most lawns that need to be thatched have spongy consistency to them when you walk on them. The primary months to dethatch are in the beginning of fall or the months of April and May.

There are a couple ways to control the thatch build up in your turf. They are dethatching which is sometimes known as power raking and aerating. Dethatching is usually a lengthy process if you try to do it on your own. Not only this, but you must also gather the thatch from your yard once it is brought to the surface. If you would like to have your lawn dethatched one of your best options is to call a professional company that specializes in lawn care.


Perhaps one of the most overlooked yet important parts of lawn care maintenance is overseeding. Although your lawn may look healthy and is well fertilized, it is good to overseed it every three to four years. A turf lawn is no different than any other living organism it too grows weaker with age. In approximately five to six years your grass begins to slow down its rate of reproduction. Once this slowdown occurs the grass becomes thinner and vulnerable to weed growth within it. What’s more, when your grass begins to thin out you run a higher risk of having your turf become infected with diseases.

Overseeding your grass will make your turf thicker as it is in its healthiest state, prevent the growth of weeds, and protect your turf from being contaminated with diseases. Like dethatching this process requires a lot of work and it is best to consult with a professional lawn care provider when it you are ready to have this done.


Mulching helps create and sustain a climate in your gardens or plant beds. In addition to this mulch adds a layer over what would be bare soil which is very susceptible to weed growth. Mulch sharpens up the look of any landscape while offering multitude of benefits to the health and life of your plants. Mulching can enhance the life of your garden by blocking the light necessary for weeds to germinate, reducing evaporation which prevents soil erosion caused by wind and rain, keeping soil cool during hot summer days and protects plant roots during the winter, and preventing soil-borne fungal diseases.

Messenger’s has access to a variety of mulches that come in many different colors that can enhance the look of your plants and landscape. We also know how to properly apply different mulching materials that can serve many purposes depending on the plants or seasons. Let us help you design your dream landscape by selecting the right type of mulch and mulching materials for your gardens and plant beds.


Pruning is a fine art. Proper pruning can enhance the beauty of trees or shrubs, while improper pruning can ruin or stifle the potential for any landscape. The improper pruning of a tree or shrub can be far more detrimental than a pest. Trees and shrubs can be an expensive investment for your landscape so its important that you call on the right people to maintain them.

Essentially, pruning is the removal of plant parts that are dead, ineffective, or have no use to the plant. Pruning allows the plant to put more energy into new flowers, fruits, or limbs that are healthy. Pruning your trees and shrubs is important for the overall plant health, aesthetics, restrict growth when necessary, improve the quality of flowers and foliage, and to train the plant.

Messenger’s has landscape technicians that are trained to prune several different types of shrubs and trees. If this task is set to the wayside, the beauty of your landscape and plant health can be compromised. Let us help you protect your investment and add value, potential, and life to your plants.

Lawn Fertilization & Treatments

Just as grass needs water to grow, it needs proper nutrients in the soil to grow well. That’s where our chemical program comes in. Our program includes every treatment necessary for your lawn to develop into a beautiful yard. Whether it’s bluegrass or fescue, we can make your lawn look great.

No property is too large or small for us–10,000 square feet or 10 acres–we have the equipment and expertise to effectively treat every lawn and make it weed free.