Outdoor lighting can be a multifunctional tool for any home or business. It can add to the aesthetics of your landscape by illuminating a statue or tree, while making pathways, dark spots, and entrances easier to navigate in the evening hours.

Outdoor lighting is also a great way to perfect hardscapes by making your outdoor fireplace or kitchen more visually appealing and easier to use at night. Our team of experienced lighting technicians will help you design and install an outdoor lighting arrangement according to your needs and specifications.

Design & Installation

We will walk you through the design process of your outdoor lighting to ensure that you get the exact results that you are looking for. We understand that the needs for outdoor lighting at a business may be different than at a home. Messenger’s has the design experience and access to many different types and styles of lights that can accommodate to either location. Because of this we also have the ability to perform maintenance on any type of landscape light that you have.

Lighting Effects

The desired affect or capabilities of landscape lights is important to know when choosing different types and styles. Lighting effects can be put into three simple categories they are:

Up-lighting- General term for a surface mounted or recessed fixtures pointing upwards.
Effects: Shadowing, Scalloping, Wall Washing, Grazing, Silhouetting, Highlighting

Downlighting- Same concept as up-lighting but pointing downward.
Effects: Moonlighting, Accenting

Path Lighting- A row of lights on either side of an accessible walkway that illuminates the path.